Wednesday, May 26, 2010

doll swap dolls

these are the dolls i made for the swap hosted by sue at rabbit hollow primitives. so fun, i really love my alice! had a hard time deciding what to make for the alice in wonderland but finally decided to be true to who the movie is all about! also did the cat swap and the americana swap. fun and so many wonderful people to meet from everywhere around the world.

Monday, May 24, 2010

long time no post

so i check blogs everyday, but don't ever take time to post myself! should work on that a little bit. but so many great blogs out there and from one i like i can see where they go and usually find some more great ones!! my list that i follow is getting long but so much fun!

boys almost out of school for the year, wow the year has gone fast. ryan onto high school next year, how did he grow up so fast! ayden in the iep preschool again, his speech is good but still need to work on some cognitive skills. hopefully by the time he starts kindergarten he will be more consistent. the kid has a imagination though, can play for hours creating and acting it out. i secretly hide and listen because i love listening to him tell his imaginary play person what is happening. yesterday he was asking him if he was going hunting because ayden was going hunting and he needed to know. so funny.