Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sharing but I want to WIN!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

What i've been working on lately

So call me crazy but I saw a super cute hexie quilt on a blog and thought how cute would a tiny one be! So found a pattern to print out 3/4' paper hexagons, cut them out, grabbed one of many bags of scraps and have been basting every night while watching tv. I really should count how many I have done! I am going to start with a red center then a light, then a dark. Hmmm maybe I should be alternating the light and dark so when I sew the flowers together it would be alternating. Might have to do some playing around with colored pencils to see how I want the final quilt to be. Not that it is not going to take me years and years and years and years! HAHAHAH!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two woman show-i'm in!

Ok hopefully NOW this link will work! lol I really need to spend a few hours figuring out how all this blog stuff works, I admire and read so many blogs but mine is just so plain.

But got the phone call about hour ago and they had a few cancellations so we get to have a booth, so excited!! I have a dear friend who does this show and talks so highly of it. Now to get off the computer and finish all the things that I almost got finished from my last show! Might have to try to pull allnighter tonight, did stop at a estate sale after picking up my son from kindergarten. Got a great vintage milkshake machine, a pink melamine bowl and a couple muffin tins for my mom to paint on. Wish I would have gotten there sooner sounds like he had some nice stuff, he was telling me what had sold and his prices were cheap!!! Maybe in the morning will hit a few sales to see if I can find any other vintage goodies to take to the show to sell, thats what is great about this show it is vintage/antique/art/crafts so you can have a mixture. I got a great old wooden ironing board at a thrift store yesterday-SCORE!!! and it was only a buck!!! the guys had put it in the wrong area and they sold it to me anyway, this thrift store is notorious for high prices and not letting you buy something if price tag is missing or they think it is priced wrong. But I can usually find some great namebrand clothes for the boys so usually still check it out. Anyway back to work!!!!! Will try to post some pics of the show next week.

to do or not to do?

So woke up this morning, checked my email and had one from a craft/antique show I had tried to get into this coming up weekend!! When I had applied the first time she was full so planned on trying next year. So of course have not finished or worked on any new items-even though I need to for my esty shop! lol Now I am in a panic because I really want to do this show, it is a fantastic show at her farm lets hope this link works!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some spring goodies

Just got done with our first spring craft show of the year. First weekend of march always seems so early for a spring show up here in eastern Wa. We are still cold and we had the chance of snow that weekend!

I made these cute spun cotton carrots for the show! They were a big hit, sold a bunch on friday so hurried and came home to make more. Only sold a few on saturday, isn't that how it always is?? You sell a bunch, go home and make more and then sell no more!! lol But on Sunday they carrot crowd was back and bunches went home with others. I still have more for sale $2.00 each, they are about 5" from tip to tip. The stems are made from hand-dyed crepe paper, I love how it came out varigrated.

I also have some spun cotton bunnies but the pictures are kinda dark, so hopefully friday I can get better pictures of the ones I have left and post them. Have a few other spun cotton ideas floating around in my head, so hope to get going on those next week. As well as some bunnies and annies that need to get finished.

Next sale is April 28-29 at Shadle Park High School, I also organize the show so it is crazy busy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 already......really????

How has it become 2012 already?? Seems like it was last week I was riding the bus home from school with the windows all steamy from our young sweaty loud bodies writing '86 the year we were to graduate on them! Some days I wish I could go back to that time with no responsibilities (other then unloading the dishwasher:)) but since it won't happen I am going to embrace 2012 and make it a fantastic year.

I have many goals this year which I hope to accomplish, all written down in a wonderful journal I recieved in a paper fairy swap I was in. I will write about them at some point and time because one of my big goals this year is to actually participate on my blog! Everyday (several times hehe) I check my dashboard to see what my favorite blogs have posted. I enjoy so much reading about what people are creating, reading, cooking, etc. But I am horrible about writing on my blog!!!!

The internet has brought our world in to each of us closer, we have met people we never would have met if not for blogs, facebook, ebay, etsy, etc. Though personally may never meet some of these folks face to face it is truly a blessing to me that I at least get a chance to know them, even if it's through their blogs and a few comments back and forth!:) So now onto the day, my biggest goal of this year is to declutter, get rid of STUFF, and have more time to create art. Here's to a new year!