Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So hope this link works, I really need to figure out how to add these things to my blog, and change the background, add pics on the sides, show the blogs I visit daily (like I see on other blogs and find new amazing ones), etc. etc.!! In the meantime i'll just spend my time visiting so many of my favorite blogs daily.

Which brings on the link to the OWOH=one world one heart blog hop. Created 5 years ago by some amazing lady named Lisa, it is any blogger who wants to sign up and host a fantastic giveaway for you to enter just for visiting their blog. I found this last year and tried to visit all the blogs on the list but couldn't make it through them all, and with over 1000 this year might not again. But this year I am (guilt of spending hours each night after everyone in bed and a hour in the morning) trying to visit as many as I can. I don't comment on every giveaway only if something I love or know someone who would love. So far I have about 20 blogs to go back to and spend more time on, probably end up following as well-lol! I have added around 5 more to my follow list that just knew from the little bit I saw-LOVE! What is amazing as well is it is people from all over the world, it really amazes me how the internet really brings people together that never would have met. Or maybe someday they might have, our universe works like that sometimes right! Today I visited a blog from malaysia, many in germany, UK, puerto rico, australia, and many more. So amazing to visit, if you have time check it out!!!