Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some spring goodies

Just got done with our first spring craft show of the year. First weekend of march always seems so early for a spring show up here in eastern Wa. We are still cold and we had the chance of snow that weekend!

I made these cute spun cotton carrots for the show! They were a big hit, sold a bunch on friday so hurried and came home to make more. Only sold a few on saturday, isn't that how it always is?? You sell a bunch, go home and make more and then sell no more!! lol But on Sunday they carrot crowd was back and bunches went home with others. I still have more for sale $2.00 each, they are about 5" from tip to tip. The stems are made from hand-dyed crepe paper, I love how it came out varigrated.

I also have some spun cotton bunnies but the pictures are kinda dark, so hopefully friday I can get better pictures of the ones I have left and post them. Have a few other spun cotton ideas floating around in my head, so hope to get going on those next week. As well as some bunnies and annies that need to get finished.

Next sale is April 28-29 at Shadle Park High School, I also organize the show so it is crazy busy!