Monday, February 8, 2010

monday monday

oh i need to finish my swap valentine! the clay is not drying so i can paint them. hoping to just make one trip to the post office, maybe i will just wait till tomorrow then i can go to our local chocolate shop and get some of their yummy mints to send with.

i went antiquing on saturday!! so fun, i haven't gone in such a long time, too hard with the under 4 generation! i can take him to thrift stores but antique-don't think so!!!lol i spent hours looking, and found a few things i want;excuse to go back!!:) i got some cute vintage valentines to send to my swap partners and found the cutest one for my hunter husband. i'll get pics up as soon as i can. better go check on my clay, they are really cute little chocolates but when you turn them over they are halloween faces-she loves halloween so thought cute idea.

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Jhohanna said...

Hi there, wanted to stop by and say hi. Did your clay dry?