Monday, March 15, 2010

thrift store fun!

went to some thrift stores this morning! always fun, i'll try to get some pics posted tue of my goodies. went to the goodwill downtown-always so busy, salvation army, northwest christian, and teen thrift. got some great wood peices to paint on at the goodwill and the cutest salt shaker that just sreamed at me to be turned into a mushroom! so then i was on the lookout for more and found a few more small ones at teen challenge along with some great vintage aluminum cups-just like my gramma used to have!! they were 79cents apeice and he rang me up all four for 1.49!! plus they always let the kids pick out one toy so ayden got this great big tiger that he has been wanting from walgreens, regular price 29.99!! and we got him free! they are a great store, christian based and helping out local teens stay out of trouble by working. missed out on a great loveseat there too and a lady got a gorgeous table, the top was horrible but i know she is going to shabby it up and it would look gorgeous painted black. it had these amazing legs just perfect for some sanding and primming! got a great old cheese holder made from wood, reminded me again of gramma and the old government cheese she used to get. fun day now onto some work around the house so tomorrow i can play!!!

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