Friday, April 16, 2010

where does the time go??

spring already, even though we hardly had a winter!! record snowfall last year, over 5 ft in 3 days and this year record snowfall under 2" for the entire winter!! is this what they call global warming at it's finest! so now the birds have been busy in the yard building nests, the sparrows chatting up a storm in the lilac-which drives the dogs crazy!! i think the birds do it on purpose, they seem to get louder and more of them when they fly to the other side of the bush, almost taunting them!!

been in process of cleaning, organizing, getting rid of stuff in the craft room, which i have been calling the craft hole! it's the room everything gets dumped in after the fall when shows over and this year seemed worse then most. i will post pics when the done is done, true before and after. you see these gorgeous, organized craft spaces and is it truly possible? for me probably long enough to get a picture before i get busy. because it does make me want to go make something but i don't want to mess anything up yet!!lol thank god for mothers she has been helping me, she is the more organized one of us but it is pretty comical when neither of us can find the box for something even though we just had it. we were looking for a box of purses and bags i have to paint on and we knew we just had it, so we looked in the cabinets, on the tables and we were like "what, where could it have gone?" i looked down and it was right next to my foot!! oh it's been work but also some great time!!


Flora said...

Well if you find the secret to KEEPING a craft hole, I rather like that term ,clean please do share, cause I cannot ever keep mine tidy!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Thanks so much for signing up for my giveaway. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting and your kind words.. Lola is doing a ton better!!
Have a great weekend!