Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alice came home!

Well little Alice has decided to finally make a appearance on my blog. She has been a stubborn girl not quite good at making decisions on what to wear to the tea parties. But somewhere along the way she came home with someones tophat and a funky teapot the same color as her socks!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and all the sweet comments! I made Alice from paperclay and her skirt is vintage crepe paper. I had so much fun making her, thinking little red riding hood might be next! Or maybe I should make Alice some of her friends......hmmm suggestions?


Ryan Ray said...

mom, looks great, but if you don't know how to turn the picture, let me show you sometime

Anonymous said...

I love her, she was well worth the wait... I love that she's vintage .... she really is lovely , and thank god for Kids who know how to turn pictures!!!!!!

Kai said...

She's wonderful! I tried paperclay and ended up making a big mess! LOL! My hat's SO off to you for creating this darling vintage Alice! Cannot WAIT to see who you decide to create next! And THANK you so much for visiting my blog today! It made me smile!