Thursday, July 8, 2010 i hope you can click on the link to see all the participants in the alice challenge.

My Alice has promisted she will climb out of the rabbit hole on friday!! I think she is stuck at the Halloween Fanatics Mad Hatter tea party! Probably trying to push his Alice out of the picture, she has been a little bossy to me! We shall soon see!


Shirley Hudson said...

Very cute Alice! I loved the movie...we had to buy it! I didn't know about the Rathdrum sale, sounds cool. We should get together for thrift shopping...I have my favorites that I love to go to. Have you been to the vintage rabbit antique store lately....some new booths are so wonderful!

Halloween Fanatic said...

ME??? She is with me??? Hmmm...where did I put her? She must be in a Tea Pot here somewhere?? I will go look for her??
Thanks, Robert~Halloween Fanatic