Saturday, January 8, 2011

valentine swap!

So a year has passed since my very first swap! I found Rabbit Hollow Prims blog last year and she hosts great swaps, along with her other dollmaking, teaching, mothering, etc. So after many swaps later it is that time again! I got my swap partner this morning and she is into halloween, horror, and all the fun stuff! So now this is going to be fun! Also did a valentine swap last year through primsy whimsy girls and was paired with Sweet B, a great halloween artist who is part of the fantastic group spookytime jingles! you can look at older posts to see the fun valentine chocolates I made for her filled with some spooky goodness!

So again joining in on the valentine swap,now just need to figure out how to add the cool graphic to my sidebar! Why can't they make these things easy for us not so suavy computer types!! lol maybe they do and it still doesn't make sense to me! Many of times I thought I was adding a link and it just doesn't work. Hmmm maybe my teenager can figure it out for me!:)

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Terri Kahrs said...

Having a teenager in the house (I call my son Geek Child) always helps!!! Thanks so much for your blog visit. Your name is defintely in the "hat" for my giveaway!!! Hugs, Terri