Wednesday, January 27, 2010

blog blogs blogs so many blogs

oh my i have spent hours lately checking and signing up for some amazing giveaways the last few days. one heart one world organized this great blog sharing giveaways with over 900 participants. i have found some great new blogs and i have only checked out about 100 so far. i have a list written down to go and check back, some i just had to follow right away because they are things i love. now hopefully i will win one of these amazing works of art. more boring things now onto clean up the 4yo room! why does the toy they need at the very bottom and every other toy has to come out before? then it's a fight to get them to put them back in!! that's why moms clean so we can toss, donate, hide until they learn if they want it they keep it at least off the floor!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I hope your sinus infection is gone by now. Mine took over two weeks and I had to eventually get anti-biotics. Feeling much better now. : )

Flora said...

I too hope you are feeling better,
Thank you so much for coming to visit,I love to look at all the lovelies of everyone who is part of the giveaway too but lordy ,I lose most of the day doing it!!!LOL!!! I'm not sure if you knew this but I wanted to tell you that if you comment on the OWOH post, the one with the banner of OWOH on it, you will be in the drawing?
The comment you made was on the finished little bust doll posting?
So if you have time please do come back and sign up ok?

just me said...

thanks girls!! yes feeling better, mine only lasted about a week, so now i have no excuse time to get back to life! cleaning, kids, cooking. hope this weekend time to get in some creating!