Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sinus infections suck!

so my husband had a cold 2 weekends ago, and you know when men get sick ya know the whole world is crashing down! so me who usually has a great immune wakes up thursday morn feeling a little under the weather, and by friday i knew i had the same thing! his lasted only a few days, me-on day 5!!! what the heck! i can only hear out of one ear and sometimes one nostril will let the air flow. i had big plans for this week too!! i have all the christmas stuff in my salon to put in their totes, luckily the couple clients i had i was able to reschedule. but now i have to rush and do it all tomorrow so i can work on thur. i have my 2 swaps i have to finish up to get in the mail. i was hoping to get them both mailed on sat. but thinking it will be more like monday. these are my first swaps and am so excited to be participating. such a amazing group of people out in the big world. so going to put the little one to bed so we can watch a movie, jodie foster kicking some serious bootie! the brave one i think it is called, gotta love netflix!!

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