Friday, January 8, 2010

cloth paper scissors oh my

just picked up the new issue and it is delicious!! i really need to subscribe to this magazine, it always inspires and gets ideas going, tricks to try, and plenty of eye candy. sometimes just what you need to read at the moment! one of my goals this year is to get more serious with my art, i have the talent i just need to complete the process and build the inventory. so that is one of my goals this year to get etsy up and going and keep it up, market myself positively and professionaly. well they have a great article about just that making your resolutions stick and gives some great ideas and advice on how to reach your goals once they are set. so this weekend my journal-the real paper kind not computer kind:) is going to get started. im thinking along the lines of vision board/journal, something that has my goals, ideas, inspirations all in one place that i will see everyday. one big thing that made me think is to set up time to create, we get so busy and try to fit it in but to actually alott time in the day just for that. for me my 4yo is in preschool in the morning for 2 1/2 hours plenty of time to get some housework done and some play/create time but i get distracted by all the great blogs, facebook, etsy, ebay, etc. and before i know it time to go pick him up! i really need to use that time better, i know it but i need to do it, only i can make the change and do what i need to do. so i am heading to bed with my new magazine to see what else i can carry into my dreams!! speaking of dreams, mine have been crazy lately. with parts of dreams a few days ago intertwining with the current night, like it's all a book intertwined. don't ever recall so much going on between dreams like this, and how many people and personal things are reacting to each other. wonder what tonight will bring. good night

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